Nutrition Consultation

Nutrition consultation based on genetic test takes into account your personal genetic profile in terms of fat and carb metabolism, risk of becoming overweight, and the impact of the level of physical activity on body weight. With the help of nutritionist, you will find the best solutions for daily healthy diet. 

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Genetic weight control test is available only with nutrition consultation. Besides the risk of gaining excess weight, and lipid and carb metabolism, the genetic test also determines athletic predisposition to engage in either endurance or power sports. Test will analyse eight SNPs in seven genes, focusing on variations significant in terms of nutrition consultation. 

Nutrition consultation is for you, if you want to:

  • eat healthy, in consideration of your genetic characteristics;
  • get rid of health problems (e.g. indigestion);
  • lose weight;
  • change your lifestyle and diet;
  • be more energetic.

In the course of nutrition consultation you will learn whether your make healthy dietary choices, whether you get enough nutrients, vitamins and minerals, and what needs to be changed and to what extent.

Consultation contains two sessions (max 60 min). In the course of the first session, we will analyse your typical 5 days menu, fill out questionnaire, and review the results of your genetic test. You will also receive an overview of healthy eating. After the meeting, we will compile meal plan for 5 days, customised to your habits, needs and available options. During the second session, we will check how you managed to follow the meal plan, make changes if necessary, and give further instructions.

Our nutrition consultant completed her studies at Annely Soots Health School. We have close cooperation with the head of the school, dietary therapist Annely Soots and all meal plans are reviewed and approved by her. 

Nutrition consultation is available in Estonian and English. 

Nutrition consultation is available also in Tallinn. 

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