Sports Gene Llc was established in 2011 by the scientists and entrepreneurs in Tartu, Estonia. The purpose of the company consists in performing various genetic tests and consultations regarding exercise and improved quality of life. We started in 2013 with genetic tests for determining inherent athletic abilities and genetic factors affecting body weight. We continued by providing training and nutrition consultations based on individual genetic and physical predisposition. Since 2014, our services include food intolerance test and compilation of meal plans. The cooperation partners of Sports Gene Llc include various sports clubs, clinics, nutritionists, SPA hotels, and pharmacies, both in Estonia and neighbouring countries. 

It is very easy to order a genetic test! Start by taking a DNA sample. For that purpose, rub the inside of your cheek with a sterile cotton swab, let it dry and then mail the sample to us. The results will be available within ten days. View the sampling instructions video here

"The weight management test helps me to prepare a well-considered and efficient exercise plan by incorporating a diet customised to my genes. The test of athletic abilities gives information about my energy supply and the best ways to restore it. This is crucial information for any top athlete, including me."

                                                                                                                                                                     Grit Šadeiko

"I entered the world of fitness a few years ago. No coach or sports physician had faith in my abilities. However, by today I have completed half distance triathlon along with several running, roller-skating, and ski marathons. There is no doubt that great achievements build on motivation and training, but it takes even more than that to succeed. My assumptions were confirmed by the test of athletic abilities, which revealed that I have considerable predisposition to engage in both endurance and power sports. I gained further new information from the results of the genetic test for weight management, which described my probability of becoming obese, potential diseases incidental to it, and recommended level of exercise necessary to stay fit."

                                                                                                                                                                                                    Kertu Jukkum

Latest blog posts

30. January

Food intolerance – causes, detection and interpretation

Hypersensitivity or intolerance against certain foods continues to be controversial topic. What is the mechanism behind it, whether and how to determine it, how to proceed after receiving test results?

30. January

The role of genetics in determining diurnal preferences

Have you felt more forgetful and less focused after a sleepless night? Have you noticed that some of your friends are active already early in the morning, while others would sleep till noon and prefer to work late at night? These are but a few examples of the effect sleep may have on us, our productivity and even our health.

25. May

The results of the genetic test of athletic abilities of leading Estonian junior swimmer Kregor Zirk

Sports Gene helped junior swimmer Kregor Zirk to determine his athletic predisposition and food intolerance. On 11 May, daily newspaper Postimees published an article that discusses in detail the expectations of Kregor and his coach Kaja Haljaste regarding the genetic test and practical use of the results in planning Kregor’s future career.